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Tomi was born in Providence, RI, the smallest place in America, and raised in a semi-traditional African household. This is where she first discovered her passion for fashion and design. Taking up studies in textile sciences, clothing construction, drapery and fashion illustration in both Boston and San Francisco, Tomi delved deeper into the underworld of the fashion industry.  In 2013, after studying Fine Arts and Fashion Design at Bay State College, Tomi rose from behind the sewing machine to dive into styling and costume design. As a fashion stylist, she has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Madonna, Big Sean and Lucky Daye. This was the birth of R.E.V Creative Agency Inc. and its brand imprint, Controversy by R.E.V.

The Controversy by R.E.V brand is committed to raising awareness of the fashion industry’s carbon footprint by practicing sustainability. R.E.V actively practices greater utilization of deadstock inventory, upcycling pieces, re- and deconstruction of vintage clothes, and doing the bulk of pulling from thrift, antique and small, local retail stores. The fashion industry is currently the direct cause of ¾ of the world’s pollution and by committing to these practices of sustainability, Controversy by R.E.V is leading the fashion industry to a zero-waste future. Creatively, R.E.V’s brand signifies timeless risk, elegance, variety and individualism. Whether it be a nod to queer culture, provocateur or gender-bending garment construction, R.E.V’s message is loud and clear: speak up, stand out, & MAKE CHANGE. Each R.E.V piece comes with a thought-provoking embroidered or handwritten message encouraging awareness of propaganda’s groupthink influence on us and how we must combat it to achieve a better future. 


  • Design: Fashion Illustrations + flats for collection, Custom Garments, Team/Group Uniforms or Apparel, complete collecion (minimum 4 pcs)
  • Photography: Occasions (Holidays, Weddings,Dinners, Outings, etc.) Head Shots, E-Commerce, Product
  • Styling: Personal Engagement (Vacations, Weddings, Functions, etc.) 
  •  Image Consulting (Interviews, Meetings, Business trips, etc)
  • Entertainment (Interviews, Walkthroughs/Appearances, Performances, etc.)
  • Closet Reconstructions
  • Studio Photo Shoots (looks included),
  • Fashion Show Styling
  • Trend Forecasting Seminars (per season)


• Conduct independent sessions with individual clients/production companies

•  Provide photo edits

• Professional equipment (tripod, lighting, backdrops)

• Showroom Garment Pulling

• Prop/product
styling ability
• Ability to work with agencies
+ source talent
• Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
• Strong understanding of the fashion trends + forecasting

Clients: Madonna, Big Sean, Kamaiyah, Lucky Daye, Dej Loaf, LaGanja Estranga of Ru Paul’s Drag-race, The Harvey Family, Sonyaé Elise, LeA Robinson, Fast Company, ISSUE Mag, Sketchers Inc. , FORD Models, Wilhelmina, B.E.T, Paramount Pictures , URBANFlix


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Los Angeles, CA


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